Istio Series Part 3: Ingress Gateway

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Hi, it's been a while since I have time to write something for this blog. Last post about traffic management in Istio covers a lot of topics, a tad too much now that I think about it again. Next time, I'll aim for under 5 minutes read time for my weekly posts. Now that it's out of the way, let's talk about Istio Ingress Gateway.

Ingress Gateway
Ingress Gateway

Kubernetes the Hard Way

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Hi! Last weekend I finally tried out the famous Kubernetes The Hard Way by Kelsey Hightower. It's a long overdue considering how long it's been since I started learning Kubernetes, but I finally made it. Here I want to share some of the gotchas that I found while trying it out for the first time.

Trying Out eBPF

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Hi folks! Today I want to share about eBPF since I tried it out a bit last week. My friend convinced me to learn it so we can discuss it together. Many people said that eBPF will be "the next big thing" after Kubernetes and Service Mesh.

Writing Helm Chart

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Recently I wrote my first Helm chart, well technically copy pasted someone's else and make my modifications from there, but hey finally a good time to write something about Helm.

Istio Series Part 2: Traffic Management

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Back to another Istio post. Previously, we've set up our own Kubernetes cluster, Istio mesh, toy service and also Kiali dashboard to observe our mesh. Now we are set to try basic Istio features such as routing, traffic shifting, fault injection and circuit breaking.

Istio Series Part 1: Setup and Installation

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Hi, long time no see! I just started learning Istio seriously so I would like a place to write down my understanding and additional thoughts I have.