Clean Code 101

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Photograph of Veil Nebula
Veil Nebula (NGC 6960), in the constellation Cygnus
Ken Crawford

Here is another post in PPL series. In this post I will try to explain "Clean Code" concept and some tips on how to apply it.

Building Docker Container Image

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Hi! We are back to another post in PPL series. Here, I will explain about how our team build small and efficient docker image that is used to ship and deploy our server side application. Our server side application is Django-based app. So this article can also serve as reference on how to build another similar python based server side application. I will skip most of the container vs VM explanation. So, you are expected to be already familiar with docker fundamental concepts such as container, container image, its layers, and container registry.

Testing and Test Driven Development

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Sequential Software Testing Life Cycle Created by Software Testing Engineer
Software Testing Life Cycle
Perfect Happiness

Hi! Now, I'm back again to another post on PPL series. This time I will share my thoughts about testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) on my software engineering project. This post will only dive a little as to show how we implemented it. So, don't put so much expectation, mkay?

Agile Software Development and Scrum

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2015 Koenigsegg Agera N
Koenigsegg Agera sounds like Agile

Hi! This time on the PPL series of posts I will explain about Agile. As I have previously mentioned on my other post, in this course we are required to implement an agile software development methodology, Scrum. As of now, I dont think we have pulled this of to the level where I want it to be. Hopefully, I will add more updates and improvements about our process.

git log --all --graph --oneline

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Giovan growing his little trees
Little Tree
Metal Wire Bonsai
Metal Bonsai

You may be wondering, "Hey? Why do you give this post a git command as the title?". The reasons's are clicks, views, and sweet-sweet engagement metrics! I hope by using weird idiosyncratic nerdy title will get people to read this post. So, what do I really want to talk about here? You're already 1 minute in reading the post but still has no clue what the heck this is all about. This series of article (yup, there will be more) is written for my Software Engineering course and this one will primarily explain git.

Arkavidia 5 CTF

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Arkavidia 5 CTF

These are write-ups for some of the challenges that I solved during the Quals. Also, huge thanks to my teammates @bungamaku and @crosscheese for inviting me to join in their team.

Happy Ied Mubarak

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An apology of another apology

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Happy Ied Mubarak for those who performed shaum as well as those who didn't.

Minal aidin wal faizin. Taqobbalallahu minna waminkum. Mohon maaf lahir batin.

Lil Story

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How I finally decided to write something

Since the start of 2017, I had been thinking about having my own domain name and personal blog. A few friends of mine have one, so I think having one would also be cool. I planned to have a static site real quick using either jekyll or pelican, then buy one cheap domain name so I can tie them using something like Cloudflare or Netifly.